Game over, series over, and the Red Sox are World Champs again!

Champs Again

They’ve done it! They’ve done it!  With a final score of 4-3, the Red Sox complete a four-game sweep of the Colorado Rockies and take their second World Series in four years.  You’ve gotta love it.  The best part was jumping up and down in my Colorado call center as everyone else was wallowing in disappointment; the kind of disappointment that can only be had by seeing your team win a million games in a row, and then losing the four that counted the most–with the most on the line.

But oh well.  Today rightly went to the Red Sox.  They pitched better, hit better, ran the bases better, and made play after play to get there.  It’s a good day to be a member of Red Sox Nation.  I probably won’t have serious writeup on the game or series for that matter.  I was at work for almost all the games, and by the time I watch them online, other people have already done a good job at that.  I will, however, stay tuned in to our off-season moves.  What will happen to Coco Crisp?  What do we do with Jacoby Ellsbury?  What will happen with Mike Lowell, Curt Schilling?  Julio Lugo? A-Rod just announced his entry to the free agent market.  Little as I can stand him as a Yankee, I wouldn’t mind him playing the 6-position, or even 3rd base if we don’t keep Lowell. 

But all that is for another day.  Today and tomorrow are for playing Red Sox anthems and loving life.  I know I will.  Enjoy this and this.

Go Sox!


2 Responses to “Game over, series over, and the Red Sox are World Champs again!”

  1. What a remarkable run! Francona is a genius! Look at what he pieced together. Mixing in kids like Ell, Dustin, Lester; getting the most out of Lugo and J.D., keeping the superstars happy… If you told me in the beginning of the year we’d win the Series, I would have agreed. If you said we’d do it with this lineup, I’d say you were crazy!

  2. leftfieldlama Says:

    Absolutely right on… Who, this year, didn’t feel like we were overspending on guys like Lugo and Drew nearly all year long? And Tito kept them in the big positions and now, right on time, we finally feel like we’re getting our money’s worth. I’ll tell you, I’ve cursed the name Julio Lugo all year long, and for the most part of the playoffs. I got to the point where I could predict the double play or strikeout relatively often. But now, alas, he is finally redeemed. And I hope the World Series performance from Lugo, and Drew’s ALCS will be confidence builders going in to the second years of their contracts.

    And lastly – Mike Lowell. Broadcasters have said almost everything there is to be said. But after last year, and into the beginning of this year, Mike Lowell became my favorite player. I can’t believe we landed him and Beckett in the same deal, and were still left with impact prospects like Pedroia and Ellsbury. I don’t know where Lowell will be next year, but man, am I glad to have had him for these last couple years.

    Good Job, Tito. Good job, Theo. Way to go, Sox!

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