Music: Band of Horses

So I’m really caught up in Band of Horses.  I heard about them on NPR when they released their second CD, Cease to Begin. describes Cease as “…conjuring wistful melancholy and joyful catharsis, which is something few acts can equal…”  I don’t really know what that means, but they range from intellectual “Detlef Schrempf” (named for the former Seattle Sonics player, though as far as I can tell it has nothing to do with him), to the folky melodic “The General Specific,” and the repetitive yet contagious “Is There a Ghost?”.  And if you’ve never heard of BoH before, here’s their biggest release off their first Album, Everything All the Time.

 For a more thorough reveiw, check out UWeekly’s “Women Be Shoppin’” blog.


One Response to “Music: Band of Horses”

  1. Johnny Walker Says:

    I must confess I haven’t really done a proper research into your new favourite band. I have heard a sample of “There is a ghost” and did find it repetitive but it is the kind that might grow on me once I hear it a few times in full. I’ll have to check out the lastest album on some sampler site that allows access outside the US… I wonder if they are actually available here Down Under. Poor Josh Grooban is in the obscure section of cd shops, so it will likely be the case for BoH if they have even been released here. Good luck on the blog. Off to a good start. :)

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